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Child support can be a major cause of tension in a divorce case. At my firm, the Law Offices of J. Cameron Cowan, I stand ready to assist families in their time of need and help them reach the child support arrangements that they are seeking. In the state of Texas, there are a few factors that the court will look at to determine how much child support one or both parents may owe. When you work with my firm, I can ensure that child support payments are fair yet satisfactory and that the amount will be able to provide your family with the necessary support to provide for your child.

In some situations, the couple may be required to try to reach an agreement through mediation, but if a resolution is not reached, your case may go to court. Who the child's custodial parent is, the number of children in the family, the income of the parents and the cost of raising the children are all factors that will be taken into consideration during support negotiations or proceedings. Small children who require daycare, special needs children, and other circumstances will also be evaluated. Once the child support arrangements are finalized, you can be required to comply with the court order or face potential legal penalties such as an issue of non-compliance. Although we have helped many families struggling with matters related to child support, we understand that no two cases are alike, and will make sure to treat your situation as such. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, and to learn more about what we can do to help.

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How is child support calculated in Texas?

Child support payments are calculated based on net income multiplied by a statutory percentage. Your annual net income includes all sources of income (e.g., salary, bonuses, overtime pay, dividends, retirement income, disability income, etc.) minus Social Security taxes, federal income taxes, union dues, and health insurance costs and medical expenses for the child. Monthly net income is determined by dividing annual net income by 12. The child support amount will then be a percentage of that monthly net income based on how many children you are supporting:

  • 1 child = 20% of monthly net income
  • 2 children = 25% of monthly net income
  • 3 children = 30% of monthly net income
  • 4 children = 35% of monthly net income
  • 5 children = 40% of monthly net income
  • 6 or more children = at least 40% of monthly net income

The court has the right to order additional support depending on specific circumstances, but that amount cannot be higher than "the proven needs of the child" under the law. If either parent believes the support payment is too high or too low, he or she may petition the court to make an adjustment, but the best interests of the child will still be the main determining factor.

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Understanding the Texas Family Code's laws for child support can be difficult, which is why it is always important to work with a trusted Rockwell child support lawyer. Court orders are legally binding, and while modifications can be made, it is recommended that couples come to a resolution on their own prior to the order being finalized.

If you are at a crossroads in your divorce and are in need of legal assistance to reach an amicable resolution for your child custody case, do not hesitate to retain the representation of the Law Offices of J. Cameron Cowan. Our Rockwell child support attorney works hard to provide the best possible representation to all families and ensure that the best interests of the child are met. Contact the firm today to schedule a free 30-minute case evaluation with a Rockwall child support lawyer now!

Do you have questions or concerns regarding child support? Contact the Law Offices of J. Cameron Cowan today at (972) 382-7011 to schedule your free 30-minute case evaluation with our Rockwall child support attorney.

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