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It is common for a "noncustodial" parent – the parent who does not have managing conservatorship of the child – to pay child support to the custodial parent. The goal of child support is to make sure the child is adequately provided for in a way that requires fair contribution from each parent. Unfortunately, the child support process does not always work in the best interests of the child. In other cases, one parent is unfairly burdened financially.

Legal decisions surrounding child support can have a profound effect on you and your family, so do not delay in speaking with an experienced Kaufman child support lawyer. I have served clients in more than 200 jury trials, so I have the courtroom experience needed to fight for the best interests of you and your children. When you hire the Law Offices of J. Cameron Cowan, you will receive honest and reliable legal advice for reasonable fees.

How is child support calculated?

Child support payments are calculated based on net income multiplied by a statutory percentage. Your annual net income includes all sources of income (e.g., salary, bonuses, overtime pay, dividends, retirement income, disability income, etc.) minus Social Security taxes, federal income taxes, union dues, and health insurance costs and medical expenses for the child. Monthly net income is determined by dividing annual net income by 12. The child support amount will then be a percentage of that monthly net income based on how many children you are supporting:

  • 1 child = 20% of monthly net income
  • 2 children = 25% of monthly net income
  • 3 children = 30% of monthly net income
  • 4 children = 35% of monthly net income
  • 5 children = 40% of monthly net income
  • 6 or more children = at least 40% of monthly net income

The court has the right to order additional support depending on specific circumstances, but that amount cannot be higher than "the proven needs of the child" under the law. If either parent believes the support payment is too high or too low, he or she may petition the court to make an adjustment, but the best interests of the child will still be the main determining factor.

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